Holding space with Camera in hand

I've been going to retreats since I was 12. It began with youth camps, then I spent years traveling playing music at Youth and adult retreats. Since having spent much time to create a better me, I've created, led and been apart of many mens retreats, women's retreats, yoga and plant Medicine retreats.

It is truly a gift to be with others on their healing journey. I have spent years holding space for others while being in the present moment with my eyes and my heart wide open using the camera. It's one of my favorite types of events to document and I'm truly honored when hired to be in someones healing space.

Photography and Video is so powerful to help you share your message with others and remind your participants of what they experienced through the work. If you're having a retreat of any kind, I'd love to connect with you and see how I can support you and your tribe.