The story of a photographer

In 2006, right after finding out my 10 year career as a singer in a band was ending and I was about to become a dad, I decided to do the other creative passion that I had, photography.

I knew what it was like to be in front of the camera from my world of music and I realized I was pretty attuned to being behind the camera and bringing out that beautiful unique human spirit with a love for visual aesthetic.

When I was 5 I began using my wooden point n shoot camera and taking pretend photos of my family. I'm 44 now and I never thought I'd be doing this 16 years later with 2 teenagers in Laguna Beach, Ca. It's so interesting how our stories unfold. I'm grateful that I get to connect with so many beautiful people and companies through photography.. For me, ultimately its about working with great people, doing great work and building authentic relationships, with my camera in hand.

Thank you to everyone who has trusted me with their vision and allowed me to use my gifts professionally.